Dr. Stephen Zammit
President - Malta Physical &
Rehabilitation Medicine Assocation



Prof Gulseren Akyuz
President - Mediterranean Forum of Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine


Dear colleagues and friends,

It is an enormous pleasure to announce that Malta will be hosting the 12th Mediterranean Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine from the 9th till the 12th November 2017. Malta has hosted numerous international activities in various spheres in the past but it is the first time that Malta will be hosting an international Rehabilitation Congress and we are very excited and looking forward to it.

The hosting of this Congress is the fruit of the efforts that our local Association has made with great dedication especially in the international sphere, as we truly believe that hosting such a Congress in Malta would also bring Rehabilitation Medicine further into the limelight.

Throughout the last few years our National Association, the Malta Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Association, has worked hard to push the specialty on a higher level and has managed to convince our policy makers to give the specialty its deserved place in the clinical pathway. I am also glad to announce that our Government has embarked on a Public Private Partnership agreement which should see a radical change in the infrastructure of the Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech and in the way we deliver our services. The private investors in the Public Private Partnership agreement, Vitals Global Healthcare, have agreed to give MPRMA generous support in order to ensure a very successful Congress also through their clinical partners, namely, Partners Healthcare International of Boston, USA.

The theme chosen for the Congress "Rehabilitation: Evolution in Practice" demonstrates not only the gross improvement in the sector in the recent years but also developed from a local feeling in our current scenario where we are witnessing a dual evolution not only clinically but also in the environment in which our patients will be managed. Moreover one must also emphasise the importance of the continuous drive to intensify the collaboration between the PRM societies, especially in our region, in order to experience, share and improve together the quality of our Rehabilitation services.




The Mediterranean Forum of PRM was set up with the motto of "Rehabilitation without frontiers". The scope of this motto is more than ever evident today, with an intense feeling that we must bring all the diversity in the region much closer together than before. We are really looking forward for a greater presence of many Mediterranean countries and those bordering, with special emphasis on those not regularly present in such congresses. The latter's presence can be not only a point of a greater launch of collaboration of Rehabilitation services between us all in the Mediterranean region irrespective of our different cultures, but also a wonderful occasion of meeting and exchanging our knowledge and experiences. Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine is rapidly becoming a dynamic area in the field of Medicine with frequent innovative programmes and ever increasing research. Such innovations are leading to a rapid improvement in the daily life of those suffering from disabling conditions leading to more independence and better quality of life. We therefore definitely need to share such experiences more and more together!

Through this Congress, we are also aiming to attract the younger generation of rehabilitation specialists, trainees and allied health professionals to come together and share the experience in a way to also widen their vision of Rehabilitation Medicine. We pledge to deliver a highly scientific Congress in a very friendly and enjoyable atmosphere but at the same time with a target of being more affordable to many more professionals.

We therefore invite you to our beautiful country which boasts a very enjoyable temperature in November and that through the Congress we participate and contribute with innovative scientific proposals in order to continue together the process of evolution in practice of our Physical and Rehabilitation specialty.

Merhba f'Malta...Welcome to Malta!