General Information
Timezone: GMT +1

Languages spoken by the Maltese: Maltese, English, while many others are fluent in Italian, French, Spanish or German

Electricity plugs need to have three pins in Malta just as in the UK; adaptors can be bought in several stores to suit most international plugs. The electricity runs on 240 V.

Changing your Money and Banking in Malta

The official currency in Malta is the Euro. The highest bill is €500 and there are notes of €100, €50, €20, €10 and €5. There are several places across Malta to exchange your money such as banks, ATMs, currency exchange offices and local tourist offices. The two main banks in Malta have been Bank of Valletta (BOV) and HSBC for several years. Bank offices and ATMs can be found all over Malta.

Pharmacies and Doctors in Malta

Most pharmacies are open between 09:00-13:00 and 16:00-19:00. There are several health centres, clinics and pharmacies with doctors around Malta for your convenience.

Internet Cafes and Wi-Fi connections around Malta

Internet Cafes are very popular in Malta and can be found all over Malta with several internet cafes in the tourist areas. Prices are usually around €2 per hour. Wi-Fi connections are very frequent popular in bars, restaurants and hotels. There is also free Wi-Fi connection provided by the state in most public places, gardens, and piazzas.

Getting to your hotel from the Airport

You will be surprised by how quickly and easily you can get around from the Malta International Airport in Luqa. Malta’s small size means you don’t have to cover much ground to get from place to place and you can catch a bus or taxi from just about anywhere.

Using public transport

Public transport is convenient and smooth, with regular services taking you to all parts of Malta and is also quite cheap! The direct route links the tourist resorts and larger villages with attractions and areas of tourist interest. There are several hubs, where you can change your bus to reach your final destination. Taxis are also quite cheap, however make sure that you agree on a price with the driver or taxi company before you depart.

Driving around Malta

Driving is the one of the best ways to explore the Malta, so renting a car during your stay is recommended. Many places that are not accessible by public transport can now be on your “to do” list such as several beaches and temples. It is very wise to have a good road map since road signs can be rather confusing and at times even lacking. Be careful when driving as the roads have plenty of potholes, numerous people do not follow traffic rules and the traffic is quite heavy.


Parking Facilities

Westin Car Park:

  • Weekdays: 1st hour = Euro1.50; Subsequent hrs: Euro1.00 p/h; Maximum Euro5.00
  • Weekend: 1st hour = Euro1.50; Subsequent hrs: Euro1.50 p/h; Maximum Euro6.50

Merkanti Quarry (round the corner from hotel/casino): Euro7.50 (flat rate)


Emergency Numbers in Malta

Emergency, Ambulance, Police, Fire Brigade: 112

Traffic Accident: +356 2132 0202

AFM Helicopter Rescue: +356 2124 4371, +356 2182 4212     

A.F.M. Patrol Boat Rescue: +356 2123 8797, +356 2122 5040

Hospital – Gozo: +356 2156 1600

Hospital – Malta Mater Dei: +356 2545 0000

Passport Office – Malta: +356 2122 2286


Due to the Mediterranean lifestyle and climate in Malta, it is common that smaller shopsclose between 13:00 and 16:00 during weekdays, while they do not open at all on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.